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Check if your Spesh's baby has been claimed
Babies is a collection of 13,000 NFTs traveling the universe on the Ethereum blockchain. Babies is the 2nd collection from Danny Casale, aka Coolman Coffeedan and Coolman's Universe.

Featuring a whole new cast of characters, the babies are your intergalactic sidekicks!

10.000 free claim for spesh holders

3.000 allowist mint

Spesh Holders Claim Has Ended

where do babies
come from?

Babies have been scattered across the universe for ages;
living on Donut world, Dino world and Wall Street Wasteland.
From the arms of Spesh, they have found their place as the perfect sidekick to any adventure that awaits.
All Babies ARE Special

Each and every baby is unique and full of surprises. Some babies have lost their way though, under the control of anti-spesh and his promise of a decent hourly wage. The fate of the universe hangs in the balance and it's up to Spesh and his babies to save us all.

two worlds ... one destiny

One collection, two very different sides. Mint a Spesh Baby and help save the universe or an Anti-Spesh Baby and try to control it. The Babies play a critical role in Coolman's Universe story and ecosystem, watch what happens.

who we are

Danny Casale
Social Media Manager
Dev Partner


WHAT is Coolman's Universe?

A collection of special NFT's from artist and creator Danny Casale (aka: Coolman Coffeedan). The genesis collection "Coolman's Universe" features Danny's beloved character Spesh, traveling across 4 different worlds of the universe. Babies is the 2nd stand alone collection of completely unique art and its own story to explore.

Who is Coolman Coffeedan?

Danny Casale (aka Coolman Coffeedan) is an artist in Los Angeles who has gained popularity through his surreal, humorous, and crudely drawn animations. With over 9.5 million combined followers across his socials, the Coolman Coffeedan style of art has become a powerhouse in animation, despite the self-given moniker of being a “Bad Animator”

How do I buy a Babies NFT?

Allowlist Mint is July 9th, followed by phase 2 Waitlist Winners and Public mint (if necessary) on July 10th. The Spesh Holder free baby claim is also on July 10th. You can also purchase a baby on secondary market sites.

I am a Coolman's Universe Spesh holder. How do I get a baby?

All holders will be able to claim a FREE baby, 1:1 for each Spesh in your wallet. You must be holding your Spesh in the wallet you want to claim with. If you are claiming after the claim period has opened, please use our Baby Checker to determine if your Spesh has already claimed it's baby.

My Spesh is holding a baby, can I claim that same baby?

Yes, Spesh who are holding a baby will have the option to claim that exact baby (Spesh or Anti and traits will be random) or decide to roll the dice on a random baby.

When does holders' claim close?

Spesh Holders Claim Has Ended.